Monday, 21 January 2008

Too cool for school

Guess where I am. "Why at your kitchen table as usual," I hear you cry, "trying to protect your creations from the ever approaching flood of fishfingersketchupweetabix". No! I am ensconced in my lovely new 'workspace' as I like to call it (desk in the corner of the bedroom some might say). Here it is...

Not really! Where would you put your fabric?! My camera is batteryless, and it is way too rainy and grizzly to venture out. I will post pics tomorrow, and you will see it is almost as lovely if a little more bijou. Whilst I was finding material for that hysterical joke, I came across this. Could it be the coolest bookshop in the world ever?

I wanna go, I wanna I wanna. Sadly it is, of course, in Japan. Those pics were from the cool hunter - Blimey! There's no shabby chic on there I can tell you.

I am making the funniest thing. It is valentinesque, and will be in the etsy store in a couple of days, and I lovelovelove it. But it is a secret (by name and by nature) so you'll have to wait and see.

My toe is better. Thank you for all being so lovely. A sharp contrast with my treatment here. huh.

Bored of January boredboredbored of being cold and skint. Roll on February. No, sod it, roll on SUMMER, and SUNSHINE, and FLIP FLOPS.

Byeeee x


AnnieB said...

oooh, I did like that hysterical joke still laughing actually and it's been 5 minutes. Perhaps I should start to worry...

Lovely choice of paint dear, it'll enable you to display your creations perfectly

Katy said...

Now I knew that wasn't your workspace, because it is (of course) mine!
You and your secrets....what is it? what is it? what is it?

hilde said...

why those secret things at everyone's blogs, (you know, at gingermonkey too..). I'm curious! And I read about your toe, auw! (I'm sorry I had to laugh by reading your story..)

driftwood said...

glad your toe is better, love the photos!!!