Thursday, 17 January 2008

A blow to the toe.

So my day yesterday was dominated by legs, in a bittersweet kind of way. Sweet, in that I went superhero crazy and made lots and lots of their spindly limbs. Check 'em out...

They are, by now somewhat more leggy and attached to bodies and such like. They'll be making an appearance in my etsy store over the weekend. BUT, now to the bitter (and far more dramatic) part of the tale. There I was, feelin' smug because I'd been little miss efficiency, and deserving of a sit down and a cup of tea after school pick up. Whistle went the kettle, into the kitchen I began to skip when ow ow ow. I gave my little toe a stub. No big deal methinks, until I whip off my sock to reveal my poor pinkie sticking out at an unnatural right angle. Aaargh.

Cue many comic scenes as I try to deal with two small children while waiting for J to get home and take me to A&E. Highlights included...1)F's immediate reaction on realising I was stuck on the sofa - run for the bourbons and sit on the other side of the room ploughing through the packet with a huge crumby grin, 2) My pitiful attempts to try to change into jeans to go to hospital, getting my pjs off and fearing I would have to end up going in my pants as I couldn't get them back up over my foot, 3) My yet more pitiful attempts to entertain baby O and keep her from crawling off into danger zones, cue much 'pop goes the weasel' through a mask of pain. Eventually my lovely friend came to rescue me and off I trotted to hospital blah blah blah.

Luckily, in perfect timing to cheer me up, Mr Postman delivered this lovely Owl badge, which had winged (wung?!) its way across the hills from Katy.

And then this morning I managed to hobble my way through the pain to Laura Ashley. I had received word from my friend Lisa, AKA the bunting queen, that Crocheted bunting was on show, and no dislocated toe could keep me away. It was very beautiful, but sadly the curse of the crafter struck, with me thinking
"Oooh, I could make that - and I wouldn't choose those colours", so watch my crafting 365 photos for crochet bunting creation in the weeks to come. Unable to leave empty-handed, I got these pretty crochet coasters and placemats in the sale. Hoorah.

So I'm off to rest my aching foot. Please can my blogging friends afford me more sympathy than has been coming my way from home. My toe has been sat on, and no - I don't think that I am talking about it far too much. Honestly.


lucykate crafts... said...

ooooh ouch!, i know how your poor toe will be feeling. just before i had our son, my husband dropped one of those glass chopping boards on my foot and broke one of my toes!

have you got it taped to the toe next to it for support?, other than that, there's not much else you can do, try (not so easy with kids around, i know) and rest it, lots of ibuprofen might help too. hope it gets better soon.

AnnieB said...

you are not talking about it enough I say. Much sympathy coming your way. Poor toe.
Don't you just hate being a crafter in some ways though - it makes it impossible to buy anything, sometimes at least!! (and no, I don't hate it at all but I do do the "I could make that" business and end up with gazillions of projects in various states of unfinishedness)
loved the bi about the bourbons - mine would do that. I wonder if american readers will think you mean whiskey and be very very shocked? (do bourbon biscuits exist in the states?)
ramble ramble ramble

driftwood said...

ouch ouch ouch! a friend broke her toe last summer tripping over the childrens toys, she was in agony for weeks. hope it starts to feel better soon, will you get chance to rest at the weekend?
take care - looking forward to seeing crochet bunting. x

Katy said...

Disgraceful behaviour from that family of yours. Although I was most impressed by the cunning of F, and I'd hope my 2 would do the same. Although in reality Grace would just cry (she's hormonal) and Leo would probably carry on playing with his dinosaurs and not bat an eyelid that Mummy was half dead on the floor.
Poor you!
Crocheted bunting? At Laura Ashley? I've missed that one (how, I do not know) Have you seen all of the lovely stuff they're getting for next season - although 'handmade' is probably by one armed orphans in best to do it ourselves (handmade by 9 toed ladies in the North West - nice ring to it). And just poach their ideas (inspiration, I think it's called)
What a lovely brooch...I bet the person that made it is extra wonderful and lovely (oh, it's me...)
More superheroes...hoorah!

Meridian Ariel said...

I hope your poor toe feels better soon. All I have is a snuffly cold so I really mustn't complain. thank you for visiting my blog, I shall go now and have a mooch around your etsy shop.

take care!

Samantha said...

You poor thing - have to agree with the comment about the bourbons. Definitely capitalising on the moment!

Tell that family of yours that you NEED sympathy. Godammit!

tillyboo said...

Ooh bugger me, that must have hurt. I've broken several toes, the most dramatic was when throwing an ex's contents of the wardrobe down the stairs and me swiftly following - only to kick the radiator at the bottom.

I went to work in my slippers for a week !

Legtastic though ... I shall have a peep at your Etsy store to see if any bods have emerged.

saraeden said...

Hope your poorly toe is getting better !!!

Sara x