Monday, 21 January 2008

Too cool for school

Guess where I am. "Why at your kitchen table as usual," I hear you cry, "trying to protect your creations from the ever approaching flood of fishfingersketchupweetabix". No! I am ensconced in my lovely new 'workspace' as I like to call it (desk in the corner of the bedroom some might say). Here it is...

Not really! Where would you put your fabric?! My camera is batteryless, and it is way too rainy and grizzly to venture out. I will post pics tomorrow, and you will see it is almost as lovely if a little more bijou. Whilst I was finding material for that hysterical joke, I came across this. Could it be the coolest bookshop in the world ever?

I wanna go, I wanna I wanna. Sadly it is, of course, in Japan. Those pics were from the cool hunter - Blimey! There's no shabby chic on there I can tell you.

I am making the funniest thing. It is valentinesque, and will be in the etsy store in a couple of days, and I lovelovelove it. But it is a secret (by name and by nature) so you'll have to wait and see.

My toe is better. Thank you for all being so lovely. A sharp contrast with my treatment here. huh.

Bored of January boredboredbored of being cold and skint. Roll on February. No, sod it, roll on SUMMER, and SUNSHINE, and FLIP FLOPS.

Byeeee x

Thursday, 17 January 2008

A blow to the toe.

So my day yesterday was dominated by legs, in a bittersweet kind of way. Sweet, in that I went superhero crazy and made lots and lots of their spindly limbs. Check 'em out...

They are, by now somewhat more leggy and attached to bodies and such like. They'll be making an appearance in my etsy store over the weekend. BUT, now to the bitter (and far more dramatic) part of the tale. There I was, feelin' smug because I'd been little miss efficiency, and deserving of a sit down and a cup of tea after school pick up. Whistle went the kettle, into the kitchen I began to skip when ow ow ow. I gave my little toe a stub. No big deal methinks, until I whip off my sock to reveal my poor pinkie sticking out at an unnatural right angle. Aaargh.

Cue many comic scenes as I try to deal with two small children while waiting for J to get home and take me to A&E. Highlights included...1)F's immediate reaction on realising I was stuck on the sofa - run for the bourbons and sit on the other side of the room ploughing through the packet with a huge crumby grin, 2) My pitiful attempts to try to change into jeans to go to hospital, getting my pjs off and fearing I would have to end up going in my pants as I couldn't get them back up over my foot, 3) My yet more pitiful attempts to entertain baby O and keep her from crawling off into danger zones, cue much 'pop goes the weasel' through a mask of pain. Eventually my lovely friend came to rescue me and off I trotted to hospital blah blah blah.

Luckily, in perfect timing to cheer me up, Mr Postman delivered this lovely Owl badge, which had winged (wung?!) its way across the hills from Katy.

And then this morning I managed to hobble my way through the pain to Laura Ashley. I had received word from my friend Lisa, AKA the bunting queen, that Crocheted bunting was on show, and no dislocated toe could keep me away. It was very beautiful, but sadly the curse of the crafter struck, with me thinking
"Oooh, I could make that - and I wouldn't choose those colours", so watch my crafting 365 photos for crochet bunting creation in the weeks to come. Unable to leave empty-handed, I got these pretty crochet coasters and placemats in the sale. Hoorah.

So I'm off to rest my aching foot. Please can my blogging friends afford me more sympathy than has been coming my way from home. My toe has been sat on, and no - I don't think that I am talking about it far too much. Honestly.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Good god - the knitwear!

I know, I'm like a bus, no posts for ages then loads come at once. Completely forgot yesterday to mention my giddy excitement on going to see The Golden Compass over Christmas. No, it was not just the thrill of Daniel Craig, or the pitter patter of my heart during the bear fight. It was all in the hats. I am going to have a crack at this red one. Hmmm, could I get away with making one for myself or will it have to be for the baby?

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

You know what, if all those pesky customers hadn't made all those troublesome orders for Christmas, I would have had much more time for the old blogging. Ho ho ho, was very excited to be practically an elf this year, and sewing my little fingers to the bone for the big guy (Mr Claus).

I am getting very grumpy with this grey and grizzly weather. Where is the snow? Where where where (stamps foot)? Those mean old weather people have been taunting me with their sparkling eyes and false promises. "Wintry showers in the North West" they predict - lying through their teeth I tell you. I need some woollen white days, with hot choc in flasks and little cold noses.

But anyway, very belatedly, Happy New Year!!! This is going to be our very own year of enterprise and our all encompassing resolution is that my lovely fella will have escaped the grasps of employment by the end of the year, and we will be working for ourselves full time. He runs militaryboy and I've been doing my bit for the cause by beginning to whip up these funny little guys for him...

I don't want to neglect my little ladies though. I don't feel like nearly enough of them are finding their way onto etsy at the moment, they keep getting snapped up through word of mouth. That feels a bit too good to be true though. Look at these ladies - I love em' when they are like this, all bald and vunerable like...

Last year, I made a few dolls as bridesmaid presents. I made them with the fabric that their dresses were being made with, and embroidered them and the like. Oooh they were ever so nice but, of course, I forgot to take photos. I thought I might find a local wedding show this Spring, and see if there is any interest. I'm not too good at shows though. My mouth becomes fixed in a manic grin and I avoid the gaze of all potential customers in fear that they will feel under pressure. A tactic I regret somewhat as they wander off in puzzlement. I will gird my loins though and give it a bash.

Well, those dolls aren't going to grow any hair themselves (blimey, that would give a girl a fright). Lovely to be back in the world of blog, might just have a quick shufty at what everyone else has been up to before I go... Byeeee x

PS - guess what I got for Christmas - a bigger teapot, hoorah!

Monday, 19 November 2007

What Katy did...

Grrr. My digital camera has been contrary this week, and I couldn't bring myself to blog without all the lovely pictures to come. I have also been feeling a little bit grotty and sorry for myself, so have comforted myself by curling up with a bit of comfort reading (with pictures!)...

Nothing like a bit of sentimental morality and childhood paralysis to cheer a girl up. I had quite a spring in my step afterwards I can tell you.

I was probably subliminally drawn to it by a visit from our very own Katy from imagingermonkey who trip trapped over the hills last week to visit my lovely Fent Shop, where she whirled around exuding general fabness and quite charming the fent shop folk. You can see all the fabric that she bought on her blog, and I have just spotted that pesky Liberty babycord has already found its way onto a really quite lovely bunny. You know how when someone lives in a foreign land and only speaks the language they be
gin to dream in it - sometimes I think I dream in Libertyprint.

The postman has been my best chum this week. First, this lovely lady swam into view from Tantehilde...

And a brown paper package tied up with string is, as we speak, wending it's way to her in return. I love this swapping lark. Then, after winning my first ever prize in anything ever, look what came from Sarah (Pink Petal Designs) who ran a little competition in celebration of her hundredth post. Hmmm. Eight down, only 92 to go.

I think I need a bigger teapot (and that ain't something you hear every day).

Bye folks x

Monday, 5 November 2007

Is it a it a plane...?

Apparently, there are only so many rag dolls a chap can play with, so after much four year old pestering I reluctantly stepped down the superhero road, with surprisingly satisfying results. Look at this fella! Lucky old Fin woke up this morning with him on his pillow - leading to much giddiness and superhero jumping all round...

So the question is... should i let him stay as a brief moment of glory or should clang clang superheroes go on sale. I'm going to go and figure out how to do a poll thingy so you guys can help me decide.

We've been having lots of bonfire fun this week. Last night we went to a fab one at some friends' massive allotment (field). Lots of fun sparklers, toffee apples and the like, right up til the sun went down and children started falling into potholes. So that's the end of the autumn celebrations then. what's next. hmmm. can't bring myself to mention the 'c' word quite yet....

Tuesday, 30 October 2007