Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Good god - the knitwear!

I know, I'm like a bus, no posts for ages then loads come at once. Completely forgot yesterday to mention my giddy excitement on going to see The Golden Compass over Christmas. No, it was not just the thrill of Daniel Craig, or the pitter patter of my heart during the bear fight. It was all in the hats. I am going to have a crack at this red one. Hmmm, could I get away with making one for myself or will it have to be for the baby?

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Katy said...

I didn't see golden compass - noone wanted to go with me and I couldn't bear to be Billy No Mates by myself.
Those hats are fab - go on, knit one for yourself, that baby won't appreciate it (and I'm sure the locals of Macclesfield will all be going 'eh up, what's the lass got on 'er 'ead?' Always a good thing to get the locals talking, I think.