Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

You know what, if all those pesky customers hadn't made all those troublesome orders for Christmas, I would have had much more time for the old blogging. Ho ho ho, was very excited to be practically an elf this year, and sewing my little fingers to the bone for the big guy (Mr Claus).

I am getting very grumpy with this grey and grizzly weather. Where is the snow? Where where where (stamps foot)? Those mean old weather people have been taunting me with their sparkling eyes and false promises. "Wintry showers in the North West" they predict - lying through their teeth I tell you. I need some woollen white days, with hot choc in flasks and little cold noses.

But anyway, very belatedly, Happy New Year!!! This is going to be our very own year of enterprise and our all encompassing resolution is that my lovely fella will have escaped the grasps of employment by the end of the year, and we will be working for ourselves full time. He runs militaryboy and I've been doing my bit for the cause by beginning to whip up these funny little guys for him...

I don't want to neglect my little ladies though. I don't feel like nearly enough of them are finding their way onto etsy at the moment, they keep getting snapped up through word of mouth. That feels a bit too good to be true though. Look at these ladies - I love em' when they are like this, all bald and vunerable like...

Last year, I made a few dolls as bridesmaid presents. I made them with the fabric that their dresses were being made with, and embroidered them and the like. Oooh they were ever so nice but, of course, I forgot to take photos. I thought I might find a local wedding show this Spring, and see if there is any interest. I'm not too good at shows though. My mouth becomes fixed in a manic grin and I avoid the gaze of all potential customers in fear that they will feel under pressure. A tactic I regret somewhat as they wander off in puzzlement. I will gird my loins though and give it a bash.

Well, those dolls aren't going to grow any hair themselves (blimey, that would give a girl a fright). Lovely to be back in the world of blog, might just have a quick shufty at what everyone else has been up to before I go... Byeeee x

PS - guess what I got for Christmas - a bigger teapot, hoorah!


driftwood said...

oh the dolls look lovely, a tangled of stripey legs!
bridesmaid dolls sounds fun! you could do bride ones too, or mother of the bride with ridiculous hats!

Katy said...

She's back - hoorah!!!!!!! I thought you'd either worked your fingers to the bone and were unable to blog or been kipnapped by a rebel doll terrorist unit and were being held to ransom somewhere grotty and full of spiders (ok, the 2nd one is a little extreme...but you never know what's lurking around the corner)
Good to have you back, and may I say the little naked baldys are looking lovely (but not as lovely as the ladies with hats on in the shop).
Military boy is cool! (the doll, not your husband...though he may be cool too, I don't know...)

Vanessa said...

Happy New Year! I was going to knock you off my favourites if you did not appear in the next few days, I have a rule if they do not blog within a month they go! I'm glad your back, there's not many northern lasses in the land of blog.

saraeden said...

Hey your back ... Happy New Year to you and yours !
All the lovely dollies look wonderful , im sure you will have a great year this year !!
On the snow front its said we may have some today , it seems to just miss us here but Buxton always get it !!

Sara x

Anonymous said...

Hello, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, I am very pleased to meet you, and very happy to have found your blog. Your rag dolls are adorable. Oh if it wasn't January (the month of NO MONEY) I would be buying one right now!